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Erica. 20. Chicago is my home, comedy and television are my loves, and shopping is my drug of choice.


Nothing says Happy Easter like this photo of Mariah Carey and family — can somebody help poor Moroccan in the background? I think he’s stuck.

Zayn Malik, a poem


boy can draw
chiseled jaw
not a flaw
fuck me raw

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Can I just say Aidy Bryant has the cutest desk ever

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Stanley Cup Playoffs 2014: Day 8 Recap

Blue Jackets 4 :: Penguins 3 (Series tied 2-2)

Stars 4 :: Ducks 2 (Series tied 2-2)

Blackhawks 4 :: Blues 3 (Series tied 2-2)

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Elie Saab

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To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it.

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4.23.14: Patrick Kane scores the overtime winner and really wants his hug.

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Andrew Shaw answering questions… Like Andrew Shaw

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I’m finishing up an art history analysis and I’m feeling a real connection with the Benin. They used a lot of leopard imagery in their art. Their sacred monarchs were referred to as “the leopard of the house”. I want to be the leopard of the house.


Being a girl is so fucking expensive.

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